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relationship goals


relationship goals

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"Write women who are friends with each other. Write women who get along with each other. Write women who love each other. Write a woman who has a moment of weakness and finds support from another woman. Write women who fight for each other. Write women who find strength in each other. It’s so important." (x)

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Everyone loves the basement.

crystal reed photoshoots

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UGHHH, I’m just so fucking done! Tristan can abandon Maya at a concert, freeze out Maya when she defends his ass, put somebody who smeared her reputation first before her and force her to befriend said tormentor of hers, but in his eyes, she’s the bad friend for reporting a predator that raped him? Maya is a fucking good friend who cares a hell of a lot more about him than he’s ever cared about her, and she deserves a hell of a lot better than him. 



Israel has begun it’s campaign in launching the biggest ground assault on Gaza in more than 5 years.

The people of Gaza have absolutely no chance at this point. Israel will do anything to wipe Gaza off the planet. WE MUST TAKE ACTION. BOOST

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